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Are you stuck in a rut and not sure what your next move should be?

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We can ensure you real business achievement through our practical advice and support.

What are your business needs?

  • Generate better leads?
  • Bring in more sales?
  • Improve your control over costs?
  • Find funding?
  • Deliver better team performance?
  • Collect your outstanding debts?
  • Manage your growth?

Our OpenCircle business advisory services are especially aimed at encouraging real business achievement. This is done by providing much-needed practical advice and support to mid-sized businesses faced with transition or a rapidly changing market.


helping you Perform

Our OpenCircle Approach


With OpenConnect Breakfast Seminars, our aim is to bring together top business minds who share a common need to grow their opportunity base and enjoy the benefits of a virtually limitless network of partnering prospects.

Creating contact points through initiatives like OpenConnect, our OpenCircle team is able to showcase the insights of leading business specialists and bring you closer to the cutting edge of modern business practice.


Provides a “snapshot” of how your business is performing overall. The objective is to supply decision makers with a quick overview to monitor the health of the business at a specific time, focusing on high level measures of actual performance against budget and the previous year.


The Vantagepoint product suite consists of a business simulation board game, business guides, optional customised Business Challenge cards and templates for Sales, Administration and Finance. Playing Vantagepoint builds business acumen.


Very few mid-size businesses know how their clients rate them? To assist in answering the question we create and design bespoke questionnaires to extract specific information and serve four basic purposes:

  • Collect the appropriate data
  • Make data comparable to analyse
  • Minimise bias in formulating and asking questions
  • Make questions engaging and varied.
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Exploratory coffee meeting

As the owner or manager of a mid-sized business, we offer to sit down with you online, enjoy a virtual cup of coffee and discuss your business and its unique challenges. This initial meeting is completely free of charge and without any obligation.

Expert guidance all the way

It’s important to know that you can turn around any situation in your business, however dire it may seem. That’s provided you are fully committed to making the change. Your Certified 7 Stage Advisor will guide you through the 7 Stage Process™, starting with DISCoverY™.

Once you have identified which stage your business is in now, and which stage you aspire to achieve, you will place your focus on improving the areas of your business that will provide the greatest level of impact. Most importantly, your OpenCircle business advisor will be a vital resource to you while you navigate this journey.

Ongoing practical business support

All of the business advisors in our OpenCircle team are in a position to engage with you on a longer term basis. This will help you to improve your overall business performance or find a solution in a specific area of need. The aim is always real business achievement.

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